A bike holiday is nature experience, beautiful landscape, physically challenging, in addition, a thrust of adrenalin with technically difficult down hills. In many cases however it is not only a pure bike holiday. It is mostly a combination of several activities.

Some love the pleasurable immersion in to nature. Others prefer to exhaust their own limits, simply for the kick. To bike on some of the most beautiful trails, to enjoy the panorama views together and to call in at one of the really old mountain huts. These are unforgettable experiences for everyone. Free ride, single trail or Back County are trendy.

Very well hotels in Mediterranean Cost and many rivers, lakes in Taurus Mountain.

Silent Mountain, ancient olive groves, still lakes, ruler settings, poppy fields, waving hillocks, lowing pastures, bubbling rivers, endless panoramas, country markets, sun drenched plazas, laden tables, rich wines, cycle trails, drifting lavender scents, quiet ruins, sighing pines, leaping shores, tempting vistas, shady routes and curving paths.

Since cycling is a direct and enriching way of learning about people and ancient (ruins) Side bike holidays Side is the best bike paradise for bike explorer and bikers holiday. Bike tours offer and intimate original bike park and privileged way to discover old ancient theatre, Apollon temple, Agora people and sights.

Bikers are different than road bikers; bike explorers don't wait please come and see our bike paradises, bike park and road bike circuit.

Manavgat ,s one of the leading tourist cities in Antalya. In 2006, 2007, 2008, Manavgat organized international mountain bike events. The first step of the 2010 UCI mountain bike world cup would been hold in our city. Turkey is organizing President Cycling of Turkey since 45 years. It starts from Istanbul to Antalya.

Road Bike Tours
Europe and especially France, Spain, Italy, Turkey is one of the most popular destinations over the world for road cycling. As ex-professional road cyclists, we have turned our passion for cycling into new tours for 2009 that follow the routes of Istanbul Alanya and Cappadocia Tour. Highlighting some of the most magnificent sections of the ride.

Out tours will wind you through mountain roads, rolling hills, passing through sprawling wine yards and along the less travelled paths of Southern coast.

Our aim is simply to integrate the life and essence of Turkey into a cycling adventure that you will remember for years to come. To show you behind the tourist facade to truly discover the riches and beauty of our country. We know the various pathways, hidden roads, shortcuts and most spectacular streches of terrain.